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Vigor Springhead Co., Ltd

About us :
Vigor Springhead Co., Ltd. is sell the top quality's products , our main products is include organic tea leaf , beauty care items and genuine leather goods and etc.

We don't have fancy products , don't use exaggerate advertising, we only insist on the quality of products to meet the people demanded.

About the organic tea leaf is be planted in higher mountain of Taiwan , use organic fertilizer to make the highest safte 's tea leaf , sweet and good aroma.

Genuine leather goods series :use the top cow skin leather to manufacture bag series, Euorpe - American fashion style, gurantee the quality.

Skin care items: 100%Collagen peptide powder offer you the good skin care
Hyaluronic acid face mask let your skin keep Moisturizing

We are always to upgrade the quality of our products and services continuously in order to satisfy the needs of each customer.
Welcome to contact us any time.


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