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  • Feature:Anti-Aging,Anti-Wrinkle,Lightening,Moisturizer
  • Collagen Tripeptide powder : 100% pure collagen , Essence supplement, skin care 新增規格內容, 90% Upon Protein , High nutrition, joint care , more 60% Molecules

Key Features

Shine the endless beauty           Brand-new Magical


*Excellent Collagen, Essential Peptide



The content of protein is More than 90%

60% Molecules 1000(Da),,

Patent procedure , tripeptide powder, 100%pure 

12 kinds of inspection reports to prove the best quality 

The fast effective of digestion & absorption





*The best effect ofwater-soluble and absorption, suitable for Multiple different dosage formdevelopment.


* Large amount production,Affordable, owns the market competitiveness of price.


*By exclusive patentedprocedure , the content of protein is more than 90%, 60%upon molecules is 1000(Da), don’t be damaged by gastric acid, the fastest absorption effect, it is the perfect collagen peptide.


*Exclusive patented Locationenzymolysis technology, the perfect peptide sequence ratio combined thatGlycine 30%, Proline 10% and Hydroxyproline 10%, the purity of collagen is morethan 80.9%, it’s the top quality.


* By the notarizationinspection approval that the purity is more than 80.9%, Hydroxyproline 10%,it’s the most purity and more nutrition collagen peptide.


*Selecting the source of 100%natural fish-scale, without any Excipient,

 no doubt about the common infectious diseasebetween people and animal(FMD,BSE), it’s the top safety.


*Exclusive patented Peptideprocedure to remove fishy, the best ability of water-soluble, no impurity afterdissolved.

* Intake6 gram in every day and continue to edible for 2 weeks, start the beauty skin,offer elastic,firm and moist, keep the nourish skin’s cell.


l   The important nutrients for joints healthcare, intake 6 gram in everyday , promote soft bone repair, effective postpone the joint degeneration,prevent the calcium flow-out from bone, strengthen Bone density and  Softness, promote the bone health is maintainthe key of activity , it is the top choice for flexible activity.



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  • Minimum Order:5 Piece(s)
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